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Help – Hellenic Events

How it works

Hellenic Events is the only platform targeting Greek events in Australia!


Free for free events

It’s absolutely free to post and promote your free events using our best-in-class features.

Easily track RSVP registrations for parties, classes, seminars, networking events, nonprofit events, tours and more.

Pass on fees, pay nothing

When you sell tickets and registrations using Hellenic Events, you pass on the fees to buyers!

Our Service Fee


per ticket sold

The fee of Hellenic Events for processing the event.


Payment Processing Fee

2.60% + 30 cents

of the ticket price

The fee of the payment processor for the credit card clearance.

Get your money easily

When you use Hellenic Events to collect money, it’s easy to manage your sales and refunds for your event.

4 business days after your event ends, we’ll send your money to your bank.

4 days

Create Your First Event

Three simple steps to create your event in less than 3 minutes!!!

1. Register

Register with your Facebook account

1. Register

Go to Login / Sign Up page and register with your social media account.

It takes 10 seconds!!!

2. Create Event

Create Event from My Account page

2. Create Event

Go to My Account page and click the button Add Event.

It takes less than 10 seconds!!!

3. Event Details

Fill out the Event Form

3. Event Details

Fill out and submit the Event form with the details of your event.

It takes less than 2 minutes!!!

Select RSVP (Free) or Ticketing for your event

Share your event to as many social media as you can!

Learn How Your Can Login & Sumbit Your 1st Event

more training videos

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay anything to get started?2017-05-04T09:44:00+10:00

It’s free to sign up and post an event on Hellenic Events. There are no monthly or setup fees. We only charge a fee when attendees pay money to buy a ticket for an event, and event organisers get the price of the ticket as any fees pass on the buyer.

Do I need to register in your site for registering an event?2017-05-04T09:53:39+10:00

Yes, you need to register. However, we have made this very easy for you. Go to Login / Sign Up page and click on any of the social media buttons you are already registered in. You will automatically register in hellenicevents.com.au. So, it’s one click registration and this is a secure feature provided by the social media and there is no risk for you.

What part of my profile in social media you get access to?2017-05-04T09:51:16+10:00

If you sign up by clicking on any of the social media buttons we only get your full name and your email address. This is a secure feature provided by the social media and there is no risk for you. It will only simplify the process of registering yourself in hellenicevents.com.au

Which social media does your registration process support?2017-05-04T10:01:27+10:00

Currently, we support the most popular social media in Australia.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google for the ones with GMail account
  3. LinkedIn

So, depending on what social media you are using just click on the corresponding button in the page Login / Sign Up

How do I make sure I get my money?2017-05-04T12:44:54+10:00

After you create your event on Hellenic Events you can go to My Account page and in the Events section, your are able to set your preferred PayPal account. Just click on the button Event Payment Options. See Figure 1 & Figure 2 below. Please note, you won’t be able to change it after you sell your first ticket.

Figure 1:  My Account Page

Figure 2: Event Payment Options Page

Can you send me my money to my bank account?2017-05-04T13:58:24+10:00

If I don’t have a PayPal account or you just prefer to get your money into your bank account, we can do that for you too. Just login and send us your bank details.

How can I send you my bank details?2017-05-04T14:33:31+10:00

Just login and send us your bank details by clicking the link which will appear below in this section.


Why do you wait 4 business days after an event to send payouts?2017-05-04T14:03:32+10:00

It gives us enough time to resolve any payment disputes on your behalf before sending your payout.